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Some features users love about Tetgaa Note

Quickjump to Anything

Use Quickjump to Anything to open a note or category with only a few keystrokes.

Triggered with Ctrl+Space, it is possible to:

  • Type part of a note title to open it.
  • Type part of a category name to open it to view all notes in that category.

So in the following few steps, user can quickly view a note:

  • Open browser and go to tetgaanote.com. Browser will auto login with your account.
  • Quickjump to the note of interest by typing part of the note title and press Enter.

Lock your note

Tetgaa Note autologin in the web is a nice feature to quickly view your note. But it poses a potential unintended view of your sensitive notes, when your computer is left unlocked.

Tetgaa Note has a cool feature to lock the note, which may be deemed to be confidental, to prevent unintended access.

Locked note cannot be viewed or editted unless correct lock-note password is entered. For more information about how to change the lock-note password, please view the `Profile` page.

Programmer friendly

The `Codeblock` formatting will automatically perform syntax highlighting your code.

If you are a programmer, you can switch between the normal note view and the html code of your note view for editting.

For programmer's note keeping, Tetgaa Note is better than Google Docs, because the Google Docs has too little space/area for writing note. For long code lines, Google Docs will line wrap, and as a result, the overview of the code is lost. Whereas, with `codeblock`, you are able to horizontal scroll the `codeblock` to have better overview.

Keyword indexing your note library

All notes in your Tetgaa Note library are keyword indexed, so that you can easily look for a note you have long forgotten, by keying in a keyword that you vaguely remember.

To use the keyword search, you can key in the search keyword in the search box on the right hand side.

This feature is different from the Quickjump to Anything, which is to jump to a note/category by typing part of the note/category's title.